Renew your Medicaid or CHIP coverage

As COVID-19 becomes less of a threat, states will restart yearly Medicaid and CHIP eligibility reviews. This means your state will use the information they have to decide if you or your family member(s) still qualify for Medicaid or CHIP coverage. If your state needs more information from you to make a coverage decision, they’ll send you a renewal letter in the mail. Go to, find a link to your state Medicaid office and confirm your contact information is up-to-date.

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Outreach & Enrollment Grants

Outreach & Enrollment Grants

Connecting Kids to Coverage (CKC) outreach and enrollment grants support activities aimed at identifying and enrolling children who are eligible for Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Since grant funding initiatives began in 2009, more than 330 awards to eligible entities have been issued for approximately $265 million in total grant funding to community-based organizations, states, and local governments. Along with the Connecting Kids to Coverage National Campaign, these activities fund outreach and enrollment strategies aimed at educating families about the availability of Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and directly assisting families with the application and renewal process. The grants share the common goal to help reduce the number of children who are eligible for Medicaid and CHIP but are not enrolled.

2023 HEALTHY KIDS American Indian and Alaska Native Outreach and Enrollment Cooperative Agreements

The Connecting Kids to Coverage (CKC) HEALTHY KIDS American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) 2023 Outreach and Enrollment Cooperative Agreement program provides funding to reduce the number of AI/AN children who are eligible for, but not enrolled in, Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and to improve retention of eligible children who are enrolled in the programs. This program is authorized under Section 2113 of the Social Security Act, as amended by Section 3004(a) of the Helping Ensure Access for Little Ones, Toddlers and Hopeful Youth by Keeping Insurance Delivery Stable Act (referred to as the HEALTHY KIDS Act and included in Pub. L. 115-120). Section 50103 of the Advancing Chronic Care, Extenders, and Social Services Act (referred to as the ACCESS Act and included in Pub. L. 115-123) further extended the program, providing funding for future cooperative agreement awards. This specific Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) makes available up to an additional $6 million in HEALTHY KIDS Act funding to Indian tribes, tribal consortiums, and urban Indian organizations receiving funds under Title V of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act.

Applications for the CKC HEALTHY KIDS AI/AN 2023 Outreach and Enrollment Cooperative Agreement program (HEALTHY KIDS AI/AN 2023 Cooperative Agreements) were due on December 20, 2022. Awards are anticipated to be announced in April 2023. Information will be posted here, as well as

CMS held two webinars in November which provided potential applicants with an opportunity to ask questions about this NOFO.

These sessions were recorded:

For programmatic, administrative or budget questions about this funding opportunity, please contact: