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Vaccinations give kids the extra protection they need to stay healthy. With Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), parents can rest easier knowing their kids’ vaccinations and booster shots are covered. Use our resources to remind parents and caregivers about this benefit, as well as other preventive and emergency services covered by Medicaid and CHIP. And read our Customization Guide  (PDF, 5.1 MB)  for instructions on how you can customize palmcards and posters for your organization!

Be sure to check out the Outreach Tool Library for a full view of the variety of other outreach materials available.

Cold & Flu



“Blanket” Palmcard (CMS Product Number 11657)


“Nighttime Cuddles” Palmcard (CMS Product Number 12108)


“Puppy Care” Palmcard (CMS Product Number 12110)



“Blanket” Poster (CMS Product Number 11656)


“Nighttime Cuddles” Poster (CMS Product Number 12109)


“Puppy Care” Poster (CMS Product Number 12111)

Social Media Messages

Use these messages in your Facebook and Instagram posts, Tweets, or other messaging forums to help us spread the word about keeping kids healthy during cold and flu season! Be sure to check out our Step-By-Step Guide to Sharing Social Media Graphics  (PDF, 396.46 KB)  for tips on how to post our graphics on your social media accounts and our Partner Social Media Toolkit   (PNG, 57.37 KB)  for best practices on social media outreach

Facebook/Instagram Image

These images are specifically designed and sized for Facebook and Instagram. Download and share them on your account to help us spread the word! And use our hashtag #Enroll365.

Twitter Image

These images are specifically designed and sized for Twitter. Download and tweet these to your followers on your account and use our #Enroll365 hashtag!

Newsletter & Article Template

Use these templates to create your own newsletter or articles in existing newsletters.


“Seasonal Flu” Newsletter Template

Digital Videos

These short videos haven been created to remind parents and caregivers about key benefits available through Medicaid and CHIP! Use these videos on social media, post on websites, digital signage and more!

General Vaccines Outreach

Our general vaccines outreach materials can help support your ongoing efforts to remind parents that when you vaccinate kids today, you protect their tomorrow. All of our resources are available in English and Spanish; some materials are available in additional languages.


Download these palmcards—available in multiple languages—to help with your general vaccines outreach initiatives.


Download these posters—available in both English and Spanish—to help with your general vaccines outreach initiatives.