IMPORTANT: Look for your child’s Medicaid or CHIP renewal in the mail, complete it and mail it back immediately. They may be covered even if you’re not! Go to to find contact information for your state Medicaid office.

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Increasing Health Care Access for Teens through Medicaid & CHIP

January 24, 2018

Although teens are among the healthiest populations in the U.S., they are less likely to be enrolled in health care coverage when compared to their younger counterparts. Without coverage, many teens often do not have access to vital health services that fit their specific needs—especially while they are experiencing a period of physical and mental growth such as puberty and mental health challenges. Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) provide eligible teens up to age 19 with a foundation for improved health outcomes now and for their future. This webinar highlights groups engaging teens in outreach and enrollment to not only educate teens about program benefits, but also increase access to care.